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Happiness Quotient

It was a rainy night when i got down from the local train and rushed through the dirty pathways in the station so that i could hit the stairs and push myself into a sheltered place. I could feel myself to be a part of an unsettled atmosphere with rains interrupting us from reaching home.

As I was aimlessly looking around, I widened my eyes to witness this beautiful sight. A group of 5 kids were sitting on a dirty dilapidated bench clapping in a set rhythm in response to a foot tapping number that was being played from the fruit vendor’s radio. These kids were barely dressed from head to toe in their frail bodies.   Amidst the deep scars on their faces, did I observe radiance in their smiles and laughter.  I could not resist myself from moving my eyes off from these kids who created precious moments of happiness in their lives with showers of rain and an Old Radio which was not even theirs.  “15 minutes of happiness truly lived amidst below average living conditions and not in the best of stage settings”…

As onlookers kept starring at these kids who were clapping to glory and dancing to these dance tracks, suddenly the fruit vendor switched off the radio, packed his stuff and jumped into the train that just arrived at the station. He waved at the kids as the train passed by. These kids in turn waved at him and chased him for a while giggling with joy.

My obvious expectation was that these kids will hang their heads down and go quiet. Instead, they held each other’s hands, sang the same songs together and walked past me heading to their huts. Happiness continues…..

What did I learn from this incident? We are the creators of our happiness quotient and that it can be initiated anywhere and everywhere. All it requires is intent, exploration within and ability to appreciate...

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