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A Striking Analogy - Marriage and Partnerships

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Record breaking partnerships are just not achievements in cricket to be spoken about and displayed as special player statistics. Something that goes beyond stats, beyond numbers and beyond expert commentary and views are partnerships that couples share in their marital lives.

Just like the way the 2 batsmen on the crease take guard, and slowly become observant of where the game is currently poised at,  couples too start off their journey together with baby steps - responding to emotional and social changes. As the game progresses, the 2 players speak more often, analyzing the pitch,  bowling conditions and field placements as an effort towards building  solid innings. Similarly, as days pass by , there is more acceptance and appreciation of each other's outlook in reference to external world that lays a firm foundation to the relationship.

Then comes a critical phase during the game. The 2 batsmen decide as to who will play the role of consolidator and who will attack ! There is also a plan decided on how they will switch roles as the need may arise .  Interestingly , couples take turns to chip in depending on each other's schedule whether it requires a husband to run around for a household errand or attending to kids assignments, or the wife getting  the car serviced or fixing the broken bulbs. The best way to work is not to create boundaries.

If batsman at strike is at his best middling the ball well with exceptional timing and confidence, batsman at non striker's end should only look at rotating the strike promptly. This will be a classic example of partnership in true spirit. Marriage is also about recognizing each other s temperament being sensitive to each other' s shortcomings and plan out the innings well.

The constant chats that both the batsmen have in between the overs are crucial moments of expression, idea sharing and relaxation just like the way a husband and wife find those morning moments of a quick cup of tea together, an unusual long what's app conversation or quick phone calls. There are also certain times that challenge the batsmen on their ability to handle pressure. The unplayable deliveries like dead straight balls, beamers,  bouncers, in swinging  yorkers and  inside edges slows down the pace of the innings. Miscommunication on call for running singles to ease of the pressure often leads to discomfort and disagreements. Couples do go through such  lows when faced with unique obstacles. Being resilient during those difficult times will go a long way to increase the sense of togetherness and stand united during those testing times.

We all will agree that well played Partnerships help in putting up a great total against the opposition thereby increasing the chances to win. So where are you on the total runs consolidated as a part of the partnership that you share with your spouse ? Just like the way it doesn't matter where the partnership clicked ;  2nd wicket,  3rd  wicket or even 5 Th wicket , similarly  there is no one right phase where marital  partnership is  of utmost importance. No matter when it clicks,  if it clicks well you have set a platform to win.

Each time the 2 batsmen are together, it opens up a great opportunity to yet again relive long innings as they get used to each other' s scoring patterns and approach to the game. In the same way , couples get an avenue everyday to create those value adds for each other and celebrate completion of innings called anniversaries!

Cheers to all those rocking couples who have given 100 percent to the game of love, passion and commitment !


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